Earth Loop - Ground Hum Eliminator - B,I,S Box

The B,I,S Box Earth Loop Hum Eliminator is used for removing unwanted hum caused by earth - ground loops.

  • If using two amplifiers, simply connect one amp to the buffered output and the other amp to the isolated output and this will stop the hum. (The B,I,S Box will only stop earth loop hum, not noise picked up by your guitar).

Used by top touring bands around the world.

£154.48 £138.48


The B.I.S Box is used for:​​​​​​​

  • Eliminating earth loop ground hum
  • Buffering guitar signal
  • Driving long signal leads
  • Designed and hand built by Mike Hill Services
  • The B.I.S. box is also NOT sensitive to hum fields, i.e. power transformers in guitar amps.


  • Input - Guitar or line level J.Fet input. High impedance
  • Output Buffered - Unity gain. Low impedance
  • Output Isolated - Unity gain. Low impedance. Floating earth
  • Features - 9V battery operation with "4 hours to go" indicator - so you know you can finish the gig!!
  • Power - 9v PP3 Battery

​​​​​​​Give it a try. If you're not completely happy with the pedal, send us an email, send it back in original condition within 14 days of receiving and we will give you a full refund minus the postage cost.

Customer reviews

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  • I've been carrying a B.I.S Box to every show for many years now and I've lost count of the number of times it has got me out of a fix.
    It's also great for adding an extra amp to my rig.

    Thanks guys, it's brilliant!

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