Overdrive and Analog Delay Pedal

New look and a more pedalboard friendly smaller box!

The Overdrive effects pedal and Analog Delay effects pedal are both a standard on every guitarist pedal board, usually both used at the same time. That's why we've been asked by a number of our clients if we can put both of these effects into one pedal to save space on their pedal boards and to have the convenience of just having to control one pedal instead of trying to switch two pedals at the same time.

The MH OD+Analog Delay perfectly matched overdrive and analog delay effect with low noise and great sound. Either used as an overdrive pedal only or combined to have that classic analog delay slapback.




  • Designed and hand built by Mike Hill Services
  • 9V DC 2.1 centre negative tip (not Included)
  • Maximum current 50mA
  • Low noise
  • True bypass

Overdrive controls:

  • Drive, Tone, Level. To bring in the overdrive effect, select BYPASS Switch

Analog Delay controls:

  • Time, Repeat, Mix. To bring in the analog delay effect, select Delay switch to have the combined overdrive and analog delay effect. De-selecting the delay switch cancels the effect but the tails of the delay will carry on.
    Maximum delay time of 440ms

Customer reviews

based on 1 review
  • WOW!

    This pedal combines two of effects that most guitarist can't live without. They've put their own special sauce in developing the circuit of the overdrive that allows you to dial in a wide spectrum of overdriven tones.
    The Analog Delay complements the Overdrive perfectly. You'll be surprised at the authentic slapback, and lush sounds you can achieve so quickly.
    It's a Top notch quality product hand built and made from quality components in the UK by professionals that have been in the business for over 20 years.

    Yes, it's THAT good!
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