Constantly described as a guru in his field, Mike built up his own company on not only technical ability and knowledge, but also reliability and trust. Starting off as an apprentice at the age of 18 for Marshall Amplification, Mike worked his way up through the company, eventually becoming Joint Managing Director. In 1975 Mike was working with Jimmy McCulloch to get more gain from the standard 100w 1959 amplifier. This resulted in Mike developing the now legendary 2203 Master Volume amp. 
As a result of being in charge of purchasing hundreds of thousands of valves for Marshall every year, Mike quickly recognised the importance of valves, and that quality, durability, sound and consistency were of paramount importance. 
In 1995 Mike formed his own company, Mike Hill Services, which started out offering amp modification and repair services. The company evolved quickly to meet customers demands. Mike began providing products & systems for musician's individual needs. These included items such as bespoke pedal boards, custom switching units and variable power supply systems. Mike has built systems and bespoke rigs for many of the biggest acts in the business. 
Due to the importance of high quality and reliability in all aspects of his work, Mike has always had to source and select the highest quality valves. During his inspection process there has always been a high percentage of rejection. Over the years Mike developed good working relationships with leading valve manufacturers and helped them with their testing and inspections procedures. This enabled Mike to release his own range of valves - The Elite Collection - all which live up to the Mike Hill Services standard. 
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